Brisbane gay rugby team strip show

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  • CainGray
  • Hello, Im a player on Brisbane's gay rugby team called the Brisbane Hustlers.

    At training last night we were informed we each had to sell at least 10 tickets each for a rugger bugger strip event which the rugby club is using to raise funds to get us going. This is an issue for me because I've only recently come out and my mates are all straight and don't want to come. I thought I'd see if there was any interest on here (the rugger bugger is happening on the 22nd of September at the Wickham in Fortitute Valley, and the tickets to attend are $15).


    I've put the facebook event link in my profile.
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  • aurengzebe
  • Hey Cain,

    I was planning to go, probably with a few friends. Would be happy to get the tickets through you if that would help you out.

    I'll ask around and when I have firm numbers I'll send you a pvt message with my contact details and we can go from there.

    Congrats on coming out - and I hope your straight friends are supportive, even though they might find a rugby strip show a bit too confronting. Mind you, Andrew Voss used to get pretty worked up about buttocks on display when players get dacked in the NRL. He even used to have a regular spot for it on the Footy Show...

    Anyway, welcome, and I'm keen to support the Hustlers.


  • CainGray
  • That would be awesome Tim! I'll keep an eye on my messages here.

    And my mates have been really decent with me coming out, which surprised me a little and made the putting it off for so long seem entirely pointless. Haha I fondly remember Vossy's highlights.

    Thanks mate!
  • longhornie
  • This is a fantastic 'cause' to support - are you limited to 10 tickets or will there be additional ones available if aurengzebe and his m8s buy all of yours?
  • CainGray
  • Thanks longhornie!

    I'll definitely be able to get tickets for all who are interested. If you want, just PM me with the number of tickets your wanting.


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